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Any notable newcomers or transfers that will make an impact? Lorem ipsum simply dummy text. Lorem ipsum simply dummy text. Lorem ipsum simply dummy text. Lorem ipsum simply dummy text. Lorem ipsum simply dummy text. Lorem ipsum simply dummy text. Lorem ipsum simply dummy text. The start of a new season brings excitement and anticipation for sports fans, and the PS TEST team is no exception. As the team prepares for the upcoming season, Coach Soyab Sumra shares his thoughts on the team's goals, key players, and newcomers. When asked about the team's overall goals for the season, Coach Sumra is quick to answer, "Our main goal is to win the championship. We have been working hard in the off-season to improve our skills and develop our team chemistry. We also want to make our team a cohesive unit on and off the court." This season marks a fresh start for the team, and they are determined to bring home the championship trophy. To achieve their goals, Coach Sumra emphasizes the importance of discipline and hard work. "Discipline and hard work are the keys to success for our team. We need to stay focused, push ourselves to be better every day, and never give up," he says. The team's mentality and work ethic will play a significant role in their success this season. One of the team's biggest assets this season is their top returning players from last season. "We have a strong core of players who are returning this year," says Coach Sumra. "They have a lot of experience and have shown significant growth in their skills over the last year." Among these players are seniors John Smith and Sarah Brown, both of whom have been with the team since their freshman year. Smith, a 6'5" small forward, was the team's top scorer last season, while Brown, a 5'9" point guard, led the team in assists and steals. "Their leadership and experience will be crucial to the team's success this season," adds Coach Sumra. In addition to these two key players, Coach Sumra also highlights the team's center, Michael Johnson, as another top returning player. "Michael is our anchor in the post, his height and strength give us an advantage in the paint," he says. Johnson, a 6'8" center, was a dominant force in the team's defense last season and is expected to play a crucial role in the team's success this year. While the top returning players are