Track & Field
Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 23, 2024 at 07:02 AM . California
As the track and field season approaches, the Aliso Niguel High School team is gearing up for an exciting and challenging year. With a group of talented athletes and a dedicated coaching staff, the team has their sights set on reaching new heights and making a name for themselves in their league. I had the opportunity to speak with Coach Patricia Lusar about the team's goals, returning players, new recruits, challenges, and more. Here is a sneak peek at what this season has in store for the Aliso Niguel High School track and field team. Coach Lusar's overall goals for the team this season are to cultivate consistency, determination, and grit. These three traits, according to Coach Lusar, are essential for the team's success in achieving their goals of running fast, jumping high, and throwing far. These characteristics go beyond just athletic ability and are a reflection of the team's mindset and work ethic. With an emphasis on these traits, the team is set for a successful and competitive season. Speaking of talented athletes, the coach points out some notable returning players from last season. Keep an eye on sophomores Jaslene Massey, Hunter Hagins, Dane Malloy, and Karson Brunke. These athletes have already shown great potential and promise in their respective events. As for the seniors, Olivia Foody, Luke Beveridge, and Erii Yonemoto are returning top athletes to watch out for. Their experience and leadership on the team make them stand out and will be vital to the team's success. In addition to returning players, some new recruits will also make an immediate impact on the team. Coach Lusar believes that every athlete brings something unique to the team, whether it's their speed, strength, or technique. One specific quality she looks for in potential team captains is their leadership skills. They must have a strong presence on the team and the ability to mentor younger teammates. This season, the team captains will be chosen based on their reliability, tenure on the team, and their capacity to rise to the occasion and guide their teammates. Team chemistry and camaraderie are crucial components of a successful team. To foster a strong team dynamic, Coach Lusar plans on implementing team-building activities and promoting a positive and supportive environment. Being a part of a team means working together and having each other's backs. This season, the team is focused on building strong relationships both on and off the track.