Boys Volleyball
Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 10:02 AM
As the new season approaches, Coach Max Rosenwasser is gearing up for another year of coaching at Alliance ESAT High School. This year, Coach Rosenwasser is focused on connecting the team and building a strong foundation for the upcoming two years. With increased understanding of the game and more time to work with the team, he hopes to see significant improvement in both individual skills and teamwork. One of the returning star players this year is Alex Bustamante, a sophomore with remarkable athleticism and skills in both digging and hitting the ball. Despite his young age, Coach Rosenwasser is excited to see Bustamante's long-term growth and potential on the court. Another important player on the team is Josue Cortez-Sandoval, who is stepping into the role of setter. Coach Rosenwasser predicts that he will become one of the team's greatest assets due to his ambition and dedication to improving his skills. He also believes that Cortez-Sandoval will be a thoughtful player and leader on the court. Another key member of the team is senior Alex Martinez, who brings an incredible personality and positive spirit to the team. Coach Rosenwasser praises Martinez for his constant desire to learn and ask questions, showing a true dedication to the sport. Along with his skills on the court, Martinez is also a great student, making him an important role model for his teammates. In choosing team captains, Coach Rosenwasser looks for individuals who not only excel in their skills on the court, but also display positive attitudes and behaviors off the court. He believes that a captain should be a role model for their teammates, treating others kindly, working hard, and showing good sportsmanship. Particularly for his male players, Coach Rosenwasser emphasizes the importance of a captain's ability to stay positive and inspire others to keep fighting during games. To foster a strong team dynamic, the team participates in share circles every week where they discuss their individual and team highlights and areas for improvement. Coach Rosenwasser also plans on taking the team to a college game as a group, which will give them the opportunity to see high-level volleyball in action and bond as a team. Academics are a top priority for Coach Rosenwasser, and he ensures that his players are excelling in the classroom as well. Every week, he checks the grades of each player and on the first practice of the week, he meets with any student who is not passing their classes.