California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 16:30 PM
As the new season for the Andrew Hill High School girls’ basketball team approaches, Coach Admin Admin has been working hard to prepare his team for what he hopes will be a successful year. With a combination of experienced players and promising new additions, Coach Admin believes that his team has the potential to achieve great things this season. When asked about his overall goals for the team this year, Coach Admin emphasized the importance of working hard and improving every day. He believes that if they focus on the daily grind, the team will see the results they desire on the court. This is a sentiment shared by many successful coaches, who understand that wins and losses are a result of consistent effort and improvement, rather than just sheer luck. The key to success for the Andrew Hill High School team, according to Coach Admin, is their work ethic. He mentions three top returning players - Nhi Lam, Jenny Huynh, and Jeselle Tu - who have shown immense dedication and a willingness to be coached, which sets them apart from the rest. These players have been working hard to improve their game and their position on the team, making them an integral part of the team's success. In addition to these returning players, Coach Admin also believes that new players Jewell Rivera and Lian Ow will make an immediate impact on the team this season. These young players have shown potential in their skill and Coach Admin has high hopes for their contributions to the team. When it comes to choosing team captains, Coach Admin looks for players who have a strong work ethic and who can demonstrate leadership both on and off the court. This year, Nhi Lam and Jenny Huynh have stood out as potential leaders and are already showing their leadership qualities in practice. Chemistry and camaraderie are crucial for a successful team, and Coach Admin has implemented multiple team bonding activities to help the players get to know each other and build a strong team dynamic. This year, the team even took a trip to LA for a week-long tournament, along with other fun activities like bowling and bouldering. These activities not only bring the team closer but also contribute to a stronger team spirit. Motivation is key, and Coach Admin focuses on positivity and believing in his players' abilities. He encourages his players to never give up and to always focus on what they can do, rather than what they can't. This positive mindset has helped his players push themselves to reach their full potential. Preparing for the season has not been without its