Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 22, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
Coach Klein Nguyen has high hopes and expectations for the Ann Sobrato High School volleyball team this upcoming season. With a goal to continue developing team chemistry and make it to CCS, Coach Nguyen has a clear mindset on what it takes to succeed. With returning players who have both club and school experience and a promising new sophomore player, the team has a solid foundation to build upon. But the road to success will not be easy, with challenges such as time constraints and finding adequate facilities. In this preview article, we delve deeper into the team and their coach's plans for the season. One of the key factors for the team's success is the chemistry among players. Coach Nguyen emphasizes the importance of this aspect and has a plan in place to cultivate it. "Communication, gathering outside, and having outside activities" are some strategies he will be implementing to create camaraderie among the players. This team bonding not only helps build trust and understanding between teammates, but also fosters a positive and supportive team culture. But chemistry alone is not enough to achieve the team's goals. Pushing themselves to their full potential is also crucial for success. Coach Nguyen believes in motivating his players through encouragement, guidance, and highlighting their strengths. He also emphasizes on setting goals for the team to strive towards. This helps the players see the bigger picture and work together towards a common objective. Preparation for the season has not been without its challenges. With limited time and resources, finding suitable training facilities has been a major obstacle. But Coach Nguyen believes in making the most of the time they have by focusing on developing the players' weaknesses. This shows his commitment to constantly improving and getting the best out of his team. In terms of the team's schedule, Coach Nguyen acknowledges the tough competition in their league and stresses the importance of preparing for each opponent equally. This shows his focus on taking one game at a time and not underestimating any team. One aspect that sets this season apart for Coach Nguyen is his change in coaching style. With better communication, encouragement, and setting expectations, he hopes to bring out the best potential in his players. This shows his continuous effort to adapt and improve as a coach. Apart from skill and physical ability, the mental aspect of the game also plays a crucial role. Coach Nguyen believes that it accounts for 80% of achieving success. This highlights the importance of a strong mentality and positive attitude for the team.