Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 18:14 PM
As the fall sports season approaches, there is no doubt that the Basehor-Linwood High School softball team is preparing to make a statement on the field. With their sights set on achieving success, the team is determined to create a culture that promotes unity, selflessness, and gritty effort. In an exclusive interview, Coach Admin Admin provides insight into what we can expect from the team this year. The main goal for the team is to create a culture of players who are not only talented but also gel together as a unit and are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. The coach stresses the importance of buy-in and engaged effort, as these qualities can make all the difference in a close game. The team is determined to develop a selfless attitude, where individual preferences take a backseat to the overall success of the team. One of the team's biggest challenges this year is the loss of five starters due to graduation. As a result, the team is looking for the freshmen and sophomore classes to step up and fill important roles. Coach Admin Admin expresses the desire for competitive and tenacious players who are not afraid to have fun and play freely. The coach also emphasizes the importance of leadership and how it can come from any class within the team. In order to push the team beyond their own perceived limits, the coach plans to challenge them and hold them to a higher standard. By pushing them to their limits, the coach believes that the team will be able to reach new heights and achieve greater success. As for the competition, the coach describes the team as very competitive and not underestimating any opponent on the schedule. One interesting aspect of the team is how the coaching style adapts and adjusts to the team from year to year while maintaining a consistent philosophy. This allows for a different experience for the players each season while still maintaining a strong foundation for success. When discussing the importance of the mental game, Coach Admin Admin stresses that this is where most games are won or lost. The team has put an emphasis on mental practice and developing grit, which will undoubtedly prove beneficial in close games. The coach also adds that effective communication is crucial for the success of the team, as they have seen firsthand how it can lead to unstoppable play. When asked if they would be giving away any free scouting reports, the coach humorously responds with a laugh, implying that the team will not be underestimating any opponent and will play each game with a competitive mindset.