Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 12:02 PM . Kansas
The softball team at Basehor-Linwood High School has a lot to prove this upcoming season. With the graduation of five starters from last year's team, the coaches and players are looking for new leaders and contributors to fill the gaps. But with these changes come new opportunities for growth and success. I had the chance to speak with Coach Susan Mayberry about the team's preparations for the season and what fans can expect this year. When asked about the top returning players from last season, Coach Mayberry emphasized the importance of creating a culture of selflessness and buy-in. She believes that this mindset will produce a team that will come together and do whatever it takes to be successful. The returning players who embody these qualities are special in their own ways, from their ability to gel together as a team to their unwavering commitment to putting in the hard work and effort both on and off the field. In terms of potential team captains, Coach Mayberry revealed that they are hoping for leadership to come from all classes. This means that even freshmen and sophomores have the opportunity to step up and make a meaningful impact on the team. The ideal qualities that Coach Mayberry looks for in potential captains are competitiveness, tenacity, and the ability to have fun while playing the game. As for the team chemistry and camaraderie, Coach Mayberry believes that these are essential factors for success. She stated that they want leaders to emerge from all classes, indicating that the team values inclusivity and unity. These qualities will be key in building a strong and cohesive team this season. Of course, preparing for a new season comes with its own set of challenges. And for the Basehor-Linwood softball team, it's about pushing themselves beyond what they think is possible. With the loss of key starters, the team will have to adapt and adjust to new roles and responsibilities. Coach Mayberry's competitive coaching style also pushes the players to strive for excellence and not underestimate any opponents on their schedule. When asked about any tough opponents or games that the team is looking forward to this season, Coach Mayberry's reply was simple: "No. Not free scouting reports. LOL." This response embodies the team's focus on taking things one game at a time and not overlooking any opponents. Every game is important, and every win is hard-earned. In terms of the team's training and conditioning program, Coach Mayberry stressed the importance of the mental aspect of the game.