Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 07:02 AM
As the new season approaches, fans, players, and coaches alike are eager to see what the Beaumont High School baseball team has in store. The past year may have been challenging in many ways, but Coach Travis Tomsen is ready to lead his team with a positive attitude and a winning mindset. When asked about his goals for the season, Coach Tomsen emphasized taking each game one at a time and staying focused on their game and their approach. The keys to success, in his opinion, are perseverance and selflessness. This mindset will prove to be crucial for the team as they face a tough and competitive league. When it comes to the strengths of the team, Coach Tomsen recognizes that each player brings something unique to the table. From speed and agility to powerful hitting and strong defense, everyone has their own strengths that contribute to the team's overall success. This diversity in abilities will be a great asset for the team this year. One factor that may play a big role in this season is the influx of young talent coming up to the varsity team. Coach Tomsen is excited to see these players develop and find their roles on the team. With guidance from their experienced seniors, the young players will have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the team's success. When asked about the team's values and culture, Coach Tomsen emphasized integrity, selflessness, positivity, and grit. These core values not only shape the team's mentality but also guide their actions on and off the field. Some of the seniors on the team already embody these values, and he hopes to see others follow in their footsteps. Aside from hard work and dedication, Coach Tomsen also believes in the importance of keeping the game fun. While they may put in the work to improve and win, they do it with a sense of enjoyment and camaraderie. The team has also made efforts to give back to their community, which has brought them closer together and strengthened their bond. Ultimately, their common goal is to win, but they also value the joy and camaraderie that comes with playing the game. As a first-year head coach, Coach Tomsen brings a wealth of experience from his time as an assistant coach under some great mentors. He has taken what he has learned and made it his own, with a blend of different coaching styles and techniques. His primary focus is on mental toughness, recognizing that it is 80% of the game.