National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 12:01 PM
As the baseball season approaches, fans of the Berkeley High School Yellowjackets are getting excited to see what this year's team has in store. With high expectations and a strong core of players, the team is poised for success on the field. We had the opportunity to speak with Coach Curtis Sandeford about the upcoming season and get a preview of what fans can expect from the Yellowjackets this year. Coach Sandeford has high hopes for the team this season, stating that the goal is always to compete for a league title and make a deep run in the North Coast Section Playoffs. He also hopes to secure a spot in the State playoffs, showcasing the team's determination and talent on a larger stage. As a coach, Sandeford sets high standards for his players and believes that with their hard work and dedication, they are capable of achieving these goals. One crucial aspect of the team's success will be the players who make up the roster. Sandeford highlights three players in particular, all of whom were named first-team all-league last year. Trey Johnson, an outfielder, is known for his hard work and positive attitude, making him a valuable teammate. He also has an impressive swing from the left side of the plate. Manny Selles is another standout player who also has a strong swing and excellent speed on the base paths. He also possesses a powerful arm, making him a valuable asset in the outfield. The third player singled out by Sandeford is Daniel Beadles, the team's top pitcher who is committed to the University of the Pacific. Beadles has a strong arm and solid pitching skills, making him a key player to watch this season. Additionally, Sandeford mentions Will Polishuk, also a committed pitcher who will be attending Pomona Pitzer, and Julian Ito, another skilled pitcher who will round out the team's pitching staff. Another player to watch is sophomore Isaiah Mays, who Sandeford believes is an up-and-coming superstar due to his speed, throwing ability, and hitting skills. While seniors often take on leadership roles on the team, Sandeford expects his captains to lead by example and show empathy towards their teammates. This is especially important as the team has some younger players who will be taking on more significant roles this season. One freshman in particular, Quinton Hill, is already making an impact and playing with a level of maturity well beyond his years.