Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 22, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
With a new season comes new goals and visions for the Blair High School swim team. Under the leadership of Coach Daniela Nava, the team is ready to work hard and improve their skills and technique in order to send as many athletes as possible to CIF. Coach Nava has high hopes for the team this season and has set their goals to be focused on improving and sending athletes to CIF. This requires dedication and hard work from the team, and Coach Nava's key for success is to work together as a team. Among the key players returning from last season are Reilly Espinosa and Ella Lesnever. These two swimmers both made CIF last year and even medaled in their respective events. Ella also went on to compete at the state championship, displaying her incredible talent and dedication to the sport. In terms of new players, Coach Nava is excited to see the growth of the program as many new swimmers have joined the team this year. With a smaller team size, they hope to see improvement from all team members and for these new players to make an immediate impact. When it comes to choosing team captains, Coach Nava looks for true leaders who not only excel in the sport but also serve as role models and support for their teammates. Reilly has been a great leader for the team, and Coach Nava hopes to see more players step up to this role in the near future. Team chemistry and camaraderie are essential for success, especially in a small team setting. Coach Nava prioritizes team-building activities and maintains a warm and welcoming environment during practices. She even plans social outings outside of school to further strengthen the bonds between her players. Motivation is also crucial in pushing players to reach their full potential. Coach Nava celebrates every accomplishment made by her swimmers, no matter how small, in order to encourage them to continue improving each meet. This positive reinforcement has proven to be effective in motivating athletes to give their best performance. In terms of challenges faced in preparation for this season, Coach Nava mentions getting their new swimmers ready to compete as their biggest hurdle. With a smaller team size, it may be difficult to compete against schools with a larger number of swimmers, but they are determined to make the most out of every meet. The team's schedule for this season is filled with tough opponents, but Coach Nava believes that every meet is an opportunity for growth.