Boomer Elmsdale
Tue, February 20, 2024 at 01:02 AM
Coach Jason Yco has high hopes for the Branham High School softball team this season. As the head coach, he has a clear vision for the team's success - winning the league, advancing to CCS, and making a mark. In order to achieve these goals, Coach Yco emphasizes the importance of staying healthy, working hard, and constantly improving. The Branham High School softball team has a strong core of returning players. Senior shortstop Kaliya Yco was named Junior of the Year in the A-division last season and will be a key player for the team. According to Coach Yco, Kaliya brings speed, power, intensity, and energy to every inning. Another senior, Abbie Fales, is a versatile player who brings consistency to both the field and the plate. Junior pitcher Jacque Connolly-Hojas is also expected to be a major contributor this season, with her impressive skills on the mound. The team also has some new players who are expected to make an immediate impact, including players from the junior varsity team and a trio of talented freshmen. Coach Yco believes that this mix of experienced and new players will create a well-rounded team. When it comes to leadership, Coach Yco believes in letting the players naturally show their abilities. However, this season, it was clear from the start that the team's two senior college commits, Kaliya Yco and Abbie Fales, would be leading the team as captains. Their experience and leadership will be crucial in guiding the team towards success. In order to foster team chemistry and camaraderie, the Branham softball team has created the "Bruin Bubble". This is a safe space for the players, where they can be passionate about the game and support each other without any outside distractions. Coach Yco believes that this bond between the team members is essential for their success on the field. To push his players to their full potential, Coach Yco focuses on supporting them in whatever way they need. This can include access to the weight room, extra batting practice, or just communicating about the game. He believes in letting the players compete and accepting the results, as this teaches them how to improve and grow as a team. The biggest challenge for the team this season has been preparing for the games while dealing with the unpredictable weather.