Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 11:02 AM
The 2021 softball season for the Branham High School Bruins is upon us and the team is gearing up for what promises to be an exciting and competitive year. I had the opportunity to speak with Coach Jason Yco and get a preview of what fans can expect from the team this year. When asked about the team's goals for the season, Coach Yco confidently stated, "We want to win our league, then get to CCS and do some damage. If we stay healthy we should be extremely competitive." The team is determined to make a strong showing in both their league and the CCS playoffs, and they have the talent and drive to do so. One of the key players to watch out for this season is returning senior shortstop Kaliya Yco, who was named "Junior of the year" in the A-division last year. Coach Yco praised her for her speed, power, intensity, and energy she brings to every inning. Senior utility-athlete Abbie Fales and junior pitcher Jacque Connolly-Hojas are also expected to play crucial roles for the team. Coach Yco describes Fales as steady and consistent in her performance both on the field and at the plate, while Connolly-Hojas is a fierce competitor on the mound and will be relied upon to pitch a significant amount of innings. Coach Yco also mentioned that a few players from the junior varsity team and three freshman who made the varsity team will be stepping up this season. While their roles are still being determined, these young players are eager to contribute to the team's success. When it comes to leadership, Coach Yco explained that they usually do not name captains for the team. However, this year it was clear from the offseason that seniors Kaliya Yco and Abbie Fales would take on the role. As college commits and experienced players, they are expected to lead the team both on and off the field. To foster team unity and a positive atmosphere, Coach Yco has implemented the "Bruin Bubble" concept. This is a safe and supportive space where the team can focus solely on the game and block out any outside distractions or negativity. It is a mindset that has helped the team stay focused and driven towards their goals. When it comes to motivation, Coach Yco believes that at this level, most players should be self-motivated.