Tofik Khedawala
Tue, March 19, 2024 at 10:03 AM . Indiana
As the high school basketball season approaches, fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the BSH High team. Led by Coach BM Rathoad, the BSH High team had a successful season last year and fans are excited to see what this year's team has in store. To get a closer look at the team and their goals for the season, we interviewed Coach Rathoad and asked him about the players, new and returning, and the key to success for the BSH High team this year. Top Returning Players Coach Rathoad named three players as the top returners from last season - James Thompson, Sarah Jones, and Marcus Wilson. James Thompson is a senior guard known for his speed and agility on the court. He averaged 12 points per game last season and was a key player in their success. Sarah Jones, also a senior, is a standout forward with a great outside shot. She was the top scorer for the team last season, averaging 15 points per game. Lastly, Marcus Wilson, a junior center, is a force in the paint and was a dominant rebounder last season. His ability to control the boards is essential to the team's success. What makes these players special, according to Coach Rathoad, is their dedication and hard work. He praised James for his commitment to improving his game and Sarah for her strong leadership skills both on and off the court. Marcus, on the other hand, brings a level of physicality and toughness that sets him apart from other players. Key to Success for This Season Coach Rathoad emphasized the importance of team chemistry and a strong work ethic in achieving success this season. He believes that the team's success will be determined by their ability to come together as a unit and work towards a common goal. He also stressed the importance of consistent effort and the willingness to push each other to be better every day. New Players Making an Immediate Impact While the top returning players will be crucial to the team's success, Coach Rathoad is also excited about the impact that new players will have on the team. He specifically mentioned two freshmen - Emily Rodriguez and Marcus Jackson - who he believes will make an immediate impact. Emily is a skilled point guard with excellent court vision, while Marcus is a versatile forward with a strong all-around game. Players to Watch from Last Season In addition to the top returners, Coach Rathoad also mentioned two players from last season who are continuing to impress - Samantha Lee and David Martinez.