California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 15:09 PM
As the new season approaches, the Calabasas High School wrestling team is gearing up to establish a winning culture and make an impact on the mat. In an interview with Coach Admin Admin, we were able to gain insight into the team's goals, key players, new additions, and the challenges they have faced in preparation for this season. When asked about the overall goals for the team this year, Coach Admin Admin stated that their main focus is to establish a winning culture. Coming into his first year as head coach, he believes that creating a positive and accepting environment for all team members is crucial to their success. This goal is not only about winning matches, but also about building strong relationships and a sense of unity within the team. Speaking of unity, Coach Admin Admin mentioned that they have six seniors who have been instrumental in changing the team's culture. These seniors have shown patience and acceptance towards the new changes brought in by the new coach. Their experience and buy-in have played a crucial role in shaping the team's mindset and attitude. These returning players are going to be key leaders and role models for the newer members of the team. When it comes to new players making an immediate impact, Coach Admin Admin highlighted the freshmen in the team. Despite being relatively new to the sport, this group has already bought into the coach's philosophy and is dedicated to improving themselves. With close to 100% attendance, a commitment to lifting, and a willingness to learn, these freshmen are poised to contribute to the team's success. Team captains are crucial in any sports team, and Coach Admin Admin looks for certain qualities when choosing leaders. In particular, he looks for players who can act as cultural architects and help build a winning culture within the team. They are the ones who will set the example for others to follow and keep the team motivated and united. Team chemistry and camaraderie are essential to any sports team, and for the Calabasas High School wrestling team, it's all about being a family. Coach Admin Admin shared that the team does everything together, and no one is left behind. Even their huddle chant revolves around the word "family," a reminder of the importance of teamwork and supporting one another. However, preparing for this season has not been without its challenges. Coach Admin Admin mentioned that being in his first year as head coach and taking over a team that did not have a coach during the summer has been a tough situation to navigate. But with the help of