Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
Coach Charlie Lind has high hopes and big plans for the Calabasas High School wrestling team this season. After taking on the position of head coach last year and facing some challenges, Coach Lind's focus for this season is to build a winning culture within the team. By creating a positive and accepting environment and emphasizing the importance of teamwork, he hopes to lead the team to success both on and off the mat. Coach Lind knows the value of having experienced and dedicated players on his team. He recognizes the six seniors from last season, who have been with the team during his tenure as head coach, as impactful and supportive players. These seniors have shown resiliency and adaptability as they embraced the changes and adjustments made by Coach Lind. In addition to these key returning players, Coach Lind is also excited about the new group of freshmen joining the team. He believes that their enthusiasm and willingness to learn will make an immediate impact on the team. These new players have already bought into Coach Lind's vision, with close to 100% attendance and dedication to training and learning a new sport. When it comes to choosing team captains, Coach Lind looks for players who embody the team's culture. He values their role as "cultural architects" and recognizes their contribution in building a winning culture at Calabasas High School. While the official captains for this season have not yet been announced, Coach Lind is confident that whoever takes on the role will continue to uphold the team's values and work towards success. One of the key elements in building a successful team is chemistry and camaraderie. Coach Lind emphasizes the importance of the team being a "family" and doing everything together. This includes creating a new team chant that reflects their bond and unity. The team's motto of "family" has driven them to work hard and support each other on and off the mat. Preparing for this season has not been without its challenges for Coach Lind. As a first-year head coach, he faced the obstacle of taking over a team that didn't have a coach during the summer. However, with the help and support of others, he has navigated his way and is determined to lead the team to success. Coach Lind's coaching philosophy is to focus on building a winning culture rather than just a winning team. He believes that by creating a positive and supportive environment, the team will naturally strive for success.