Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 05:02 AM
As the new season approaches, the Calabasas wrestling team has set their sights on establishing a winning culture. Coach Charlie Lind, in his first year as head coach, has implemented changes to the team with a focus on creating a positive and accepting environment for all members. In this article, we will take a closer look at the team at Calabasas, their goals for the coming season, and the individuals who are helping to build a winning culture. Coach Lind's main goal for the team this year is to establish a winning culture. He believes that this can be achieved by creating an environment where everyone supports and accepts each other. This includes both on and off the mat, as well as building a strong sense of camaraderie among the team members. One of the keys to establishing a winning culture at Calabasas is the leadership of the 6 seniors on the team. Coach Lind credits their experience and buy-in as a major factor in changing the team's culture. These seniors may not have initially signed up for the changes that Coach Lind has implemented, but they have been patient and accepting of them. Their support and guidance have been crucial in helping the team transition to a new coaching style and philosophy. The team also has a large group of freshmen, who have already bought into Coach Lind's vision for the team. They have shown a high level of commitment, with close to 100% attendance at practices and a dedication to improving their skills in a new sport. This level of buy-in from the freshmen is a promising sign for the future of the team. When asked about the "cultural architects" of the team, Coach Lind points to the seniors as well as the athletic department and other coaches at Calabasas High School. He also acknowledges the support and guidance he has received from other coaches in the wrestling community. These individuals have played a vital role in helping Coach Lind build a winning culture at Calabasas. One of the challenges that Coach Lind has faced in his first year as head coach is navigating his way in a new role and taking over a team that did not have a coach during the summer. However, he has had a lot of support from people who have offered their assistance, and he is extremely grateful for their help. Coach Lind's philosophy is to prioritize building a winning culture over building a winning team. He believes that creating a positive and supportive environment will lead to better results on and off the mat.