Track & Field
Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 23, 2024 at 04:02 AM . California
And they know they have expectations to do for themselves. A Look at Calexico Mission High School's New Track and Field Team Calexico Mission High School (CMHS) in Calexico, California, is starting a new chapter in its athletic program this year with the addition of a track and field team. While this is the first time the school has had a track and field team in recent years, the enthusiasm and drive of the team's coach, Hans Martin Jr., is paving the way for a successful season. Coach Martin has been teaching and coaching at CMHS for the past three years and this year he is taking on the new challenge of building a track and field program from the ground up. He has already seen success with the Cross Country team, which he started not too long ago, and the team's first place win in the conference this year has only added to the excitement for the track and field team. With a small team of only five eager participants, Coach Martin's main goal for this season is for the team to do their best and see where they stand in terms of competition. As any seasoned coach knows, building a successful team goes beyond just setting goals. It also requires maintaining team chemistry and camaraderie. Luckily for Coach Martin, the close-knit community of CMHS provides a great foundation for this. Being a small school, the students already know each other and this has translated into a strong camaraderie amongst the team members. This is especially evident amongst the students who have already been competing in Cross Country together. And for the two new additions to the team, Coach Martin is confident that the chemistry will continue to grow as they train and compete together. One of the biggest challenges for any coach is motivating their players to push themselves to their full potential. However, Coach Martin has already seen that his athletes are self-motivated and enjoy the competitive aspect of sports. To further motivate them, Coach Martin has incorporated time trials and national averages into their training to give them a gauge of where they stand in comparison to other high school athletes. He also uses the promise of rewards, such as food, to motivate them to reach personal bests. But ultimately, the students' love for their sport and their own drive to improve is what will push them to reach their full potential. When it comes to coaching philosophy, Coach Martin believes strongly in the importance of good sportsmanship and character.