Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 22, 2024 at 07:02 AM . California
The California High School swim team is gearing up for an exciting season this year. Head Coach Tara Harcourt has taken on the role in December and has been working hard to prepare her team for success. With a cohesive team and strong leadership, the team has already shown potential for a great season. Coach Harcourt has set her goals for the team high this year, aiming for a united and supportive team that works together and never gives up. The key to the team's success is their determination to help each other and always give their best effort in every practice and competition. The team has a solid group of returning players from last season who have stepped up as leaders this year. Jonathan De Dios, Oscar Cruz, Aiden Parra, Kai Izquierdo, Hanna La Brada, and Esiquiel (Zeke) Garzon bring experience, determination, and strong communication skills to the team. They have taken on the responsibility of mentoring and helping the newer swimmers, setting a great example for the rest of the team. On the other hand, there are also promising new players who are already making an impact on the team. Vandi Arambula, Isabella Rinaldi, and Madelyn Ko bring energy and a positive attitude to every practice. They are constantly seeking ways to improve their skills and take in all the advice given by their coaches and fellow teammates. When it comes to selecting team captains, Coach Harcourt looks for players who possess leadership qualities, can mentor and support other swimmers, and communicate effectively with the team. This year's captains are Jonathan De Dios, Aiden Parra, and Hanna La Brada, who have already shown great potential in leading the team. To ensure team chemistry and camaraderie, the team practices together multiple times a week and has a team chant to boost morale. Coach Harcourt also makes sure that every player feels included and valued on the team, promoting a supportive and inclusive environment. Motivation is key for any team to push themselves to their full potential, and the California High School swim team is no exception. Coach Harcourt believes in her players and encourages them to do their best. She also uses humor and sarcasm to make practices enjoyable and motivate her players to work hard. One of the biggest challenges in preparing for this season was Coach Harcourt taking on the head coach role just before Christmas break. However, she is determined and ready for the challenge.