Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 23, 2024 at 03:02 AM . California
As Canyon High School in Canyon Country, California gears up for another exciting season of boys' volleyball, all eyes are on Coach Jeff Cody and his team. With a strong group of returning players from last year's team, Coach Cody knows that one of the keys to success this season will be continuing the evolution and growth of these experienced players. At the same time, it will also be important for the new players to quickly adapt and add their unique strengths to the team. One such player who has caught the attention of Coach Cody is junior Jayden Hayes. Having been promoted from the junior varsity team, Hayes brings a lot of excitement and energy to the court with his impressive jumping and hitting abilities. His vertical jump measuring at 11 feet, Hayes is expected to be a major threat on the court this season. Another junior, Hayden Jones, also comes up from the junior varsity team and brings his height and energy as an outside hitter to the team. With a strong mix of experienced and new players, Coach Cody knows that team chemistry will be crucial for success this season. He emphasizes the importance of everyone working towards the same goal and having a shared vision. The team captains are an essential part of creating this chemistry and keeping the team focused. This year, the team has three captains: Jackson Hastings, Land and Gibson, and Jimmy Audet. Hastings and Gibson were voted by the team as the day-to-day captains, responsible for maintaining focus and positive energy in practice and games. Audet, who brings a wealth of experience to the team, serves as the floor captain during games, serving as a liaison between Coach Cody and the referees. But how does Coach Cody motivate his players to push themselves to reach their full potential? As he explains, with high school athletes, motivation looks different for each individual. Some players are motivated by stats, while others thrive on competition or praise. It is up to the coach to assess each player's motivation and find the best way to push them. Fortunately, this year's returning players are already motivated to prove themselves after a tough season last year. With their determination and positive attitudes, the team is already off to a great start this season. As the team sets its sights on a successful season, Coach Cody has a message for the student body, fans, and supporters of Canyon High School. He assures them that it will be a fun and exciting season to watch.