California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 15:54 PM
Capuchino High School's wrestling team is gearing up for an exciting season filled with high hopes and determination. We sat down with Coach Admin Admin to get a preview of the team and their goals for the upcoming season. With a strong returning roster, as well as some new players making an immediate impact, the team is primed for success. Coach Admin Admin's overall goal for the team is to win the league championship and have several individual league champions. The key to achieving these goals is having a strong work ethic and mindset. Coach Admin Admin believes that hard work and dedication are essential in achieving success, and it is clear that his team has adopted this mentality. One of the top returning players from last season is senior Raphael Cabitac. Cabitac is not only a returning league finalist, but he is also the team captain. His leadership and experience will be crucial in guiding the team to victory. Junior Giovanni Morett and seniors Erick Jacome and Chancellor Hernando also have experience and success in the league, which makes them valuable assets to the team. However, there are also some new players that Coach Admin Admin believes will make an immediate impact on the team. Senior Jessen Blunt may be new to the team, but he has a strong background in wrestling and a determination to succeed. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Blunt was unable to compete in previous seasons, but he is now eager to make his mark on the team. Coach Admin Admin also has high expectations for injured senior Joe Tressitte and sophomore Cameron Lowe, who missed out on last year's league finals. With their determination and eagerness to compete, they are sure to make a strong impact on the team. In addition to skills on the mat, Coach Admin Admin also emphasizes the importance of team chemistry and camaraderie. Fortunately, this team already has a strong bond from years of playing other sports together. Their mutual respect and support for each other is a key strength that Coach Admin Admin believes will carry them through this season. The team's schedule is focused on getting as many matches in as possible, with the goal of reaching the maximum of 40 matches for each player. This will not only improve their skills and experience, but it will also prepare them for the tough competition they will face in the league. Coach Admin Admin is looking forward to seeing his team grow and learn from every match they play. The mental aspect of the game is also crucial for the team. Coach Admin Admin acknowledges that wrestling is