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Mon, February 26, 2024 at 03:02 AM . California
in a way, that's what I believe Ver warm up and warm down begins. Prev. Article As the new swim season approaches, the team at Carondelet High School is gearing up for another exciting year, led by head coach Roque Santos. With high expectations after their successful season last year, the team is determined to defend their title as League Eball and Ncs champions. In this exclusive interview, Coach Santos shares his thoughts on the goals, keys to success, team chemistry, and motivation for his team. When asked about his overall goals for the season, Coach Santos confidently states that their aim is to repeat their success from last year. However, he acknowledges that it won't be an easy feat as they have lost some key players and other schools are also improving. The challenge excites him, and he is looking forward to seeing how his team progresses throughout the season. One of the keys to success, according to Coach Santos, is having a strong depth in the team. He mentions that while they may not have the "sharpshooters" like other teams, they have a lot of good swimmers who can make it to the top 16 or 8 at Ncs. This depth and balance in the team are crucial in filling the gaps left by the departure of their star swimmer, Bailey Hartman, who is currently training for the Olympic trials. When it comes to team chemistry, Coach Santos recognizes the challenges of managing a team with different sets of players - those who swim with club teams, high school swimmers, and water polo specialists. However, he has found a way to navigate through it by fostering respect and a sense of unity within the team. He allows his players to continue training with their club teams, but during meets and practices, they all wear the team uniform and warm up and down together. This creates a sense of belonging and unity among the players, despite their different training schedules. Motivating his players to reach their full potential is also essential to Coach Santos. With his extensive experience as an Olympic swimmer and coach, he understands the importance of the mental aspect of the sport. He pushes his players to reach their limits and go beyond, but he also knows when to step back and support them. This balance between pushing and caring for his players has proven to be effective in helping them improve their performance. In addition to physical training, this year Coach Santos is also putting a focus on nutrition.