National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 11:34 AM
Previewing the Varsity Baseball Team at Carson High School: A Look into the Strong, Senior Heavy Team's Plans for Success For the Carson High School varsity baseball team, reaching the runner-up spot in last year's playoffs was not enough. With a strong, competitive team that was able to make it to the finals, they are now even more determined to take home the championship title this year. To get an inside scoop on the team's plans and expectations for the upcoming season, we spoke with their head coach, Michael Kunipo-Aguirre. The team, known for their consistent and timely hitting, is focused on maintaining this strength through the season. Coach Kunipo-Aguirre emphasizes the importance of staying consistent with their bats and ensuring timely hits to secure their success in the playoffs. This year's team is made up of a strong senior class, with some members being recognized as All-Area players and MVPs. Aidan Brasher, a senior at third base and pitcher, was recognized as All-Area 1st team last year, All-City selection, and Marine League MVP. Dylan Mares, a senior at first base, was also recognized as All-Area 2nd team, All-City selection, and 1st team Marine League last year. And finally, we have Noah Gomez, a senior center fielder who was also recognized as 1st team Marine League last year. In addition to the strong senior class, the team also has a transfer and some junior varsity call-ups who are expected to make an impact. Senior Sergio Padilla, who transferred to Carson High School, brings a new dynamic to the team as an infielder and pitcher. Junior Anthony Dorado, who was called up from the junior varsity team, will also be making his varsity debut as an outfielder and pitcher. Eric Lawson, another junior from the junior varsity team, brings his skills as a pitcher to the varsity team. One of the strengths of this team is their close bond and chemistry. Most of the players have been playing together prior to high school and have developed a strong sense of camaraderie. This chemistry on and off the field allows the team to work seamlessly together in pursuit of their common goal. Coach Kunipo-Aguirre credits the team's strong relationships with the coaching staff for fostering a positive and inspiring environment.