Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 22, 2024 at 01:02 AM . California
As a sport that requires discipline, communication, and teamwork, baseball can be a challenging but rewarding experience for high school athletes. This season, the Cathedral Catholic High School baseball team has set high goals and is ready to showcase their skills and hard work on the field. In this preview article, Coach Gary Remiker shares his insight on the team's strengths, challenges, and strategies for success. Goals and Key to Success: This season, Coach Remiker has set the bar high for his team. Their main goal is to compete for and win the San Diego Section Open Division, which is considered the highest level and most competitive division in the area. In addition, they aim to win the Western League Championship, a title they have consistently competed for in the past. To achieve these goals, the key to success will be a combination of talent, hard work, and team chemistry. Top Returning Players: The Cathedral Catholic Dons have an impressive roster of returning players, including Trey Telfer, Vincent Venverloh, Anthony Perritano, Michael Podstreleny, and Alex Harrington. Telfer, a senior and right-handed pitcher, was voted Western League Pitcher of the Year in 2023. He will be the clear #1 starter for the team and a major contributor on the mound. Venverloh, last year's team MVP, is a versatile player who will be starting at second base, batting in the 3-hole, and also serving as the team's closer. Perritano, a three-year starter, brings a powerful bat and solid defense at third base. Podstreleny, another three-year starter, will also play a critical role behind the plate and as a pitcher. Lastly, Harrington, a sophomore, is considered one of the best in the state for his age and will be the starting shortstop. New Players to Watch: The Cathedral Catholic team has also added some new talent to their roster, including Trey Guody, a transfer from Francis Parker, who is expected to make an immediate impact as the team's leadoff hitter and a strong outfielder. Qualities of Team Captains: Coach Remiker believes that team captains should represent what it means to be a Cathedral Catholic Don both on and off the field. This requires being a good player, but also a good citizen. The team captains this year are Venverloh, Telfer, and Perritano.