National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 11:57 AM
The Christian High School boys volleyball team is gearing up for its upcoming season with high expectations and a strong determination to win. The team, led by Coach John Park, has set three main goals for the season - to win all their home games, win the league, and qualify for CIF. With these goals in mind, the team is focused on working hard and developing their young players in a short amount of time in order to reach their full potential. One of the key players for the team this year is senior Simon Benson, who brings experience and leadership to the team as the only senior. He will be playing as middle blocker and will be a crucial player in helping the team achieve their goals. Joining him on the court is Jack Swanson, a two-year starter as outside hitter, and Mckade Mathson, who has taken on the role of defensive specialist. These two players bring experience and skill to the team, and will play a pivotal role in the team’s success. The team will also be relying on the talents of several new players, with a total of 12 new players joining the team this year. This surge of new players comes after the team graduated six players last year, four of which were starters. Freshmen Trae Pheasant and Jackson Park will be taking turns at the setter position, while John Mark Herbert and Hudson McFarlane, also freshmen, will be working their way into playing time at the net. Additionally, junior Huy Pham has emerged as a strong outside hitter and will play a vital role in the team’s offense. When asked about the keys to success for the team, Coach Park emphasized the importance of character, consistency, and communication. These values are instilled in the team, as they are expected to serve, encourage, and discipline one another. Consistency is also key, as the team must set an example for the program in terms of effort, energy, and enthusiasm. They also must have strong communication skills, both on and off the court, to effectively listen to instruction and demand a response. This emphasis on character and communication will not only benefit the team on the court, but also in their daily lives. Apart from their regular practices, the team also engages in potluck barbecues and player-planned practices. These events serve as team-bonding activities and allow the players to develop camaraderie and trust with one another.