Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 18:48 PM
As spring approaches, the anticipation for another high school baseball season is building in Clay Center, Kansas. We caught up with Coach Admin Admin to get a preview of the team at Clay Center High School this year. With a core of experienced players and some new additions, the team is ready to make a serious run at a state title. Experience is key for the Clay Center team this year, with 7 starters returning. Coach Admin is confident that this will give them an advantage as they head into the season. He expects the team's pitching and defense to be strong and consistent, but acknowledges the need for a strong hitting performance as well. Among the returning starters are standout players Brody Hayes and Carter Long, both seniors who have started every game since their freshman year. Joining them are seniors Tucker Jackson, Cole Pladson, Colten Tadtman, and Justin Wright, as well as junior standouts Morgan Brumfield, Grady Pfizenmaier, and Jace Weller. Coach Admin also mentions a handful of other juniors who have the potential to contribute some innings for the team. When asked about team captains, Coach Admin notes that they do not have official captains, but if they did, Brody Hayes would certainly fit the role. He describes Hayes as a great vocal leader and a great example both on and off the field. One unique aspect of the Clay Center team is their unity. Coach Admin explains that the team practices together as a whole and doesn't split up into smaller groups often. This helps to maintain a consistent vocabulary and team dynamic. It is clear that the team chemistry is a strong point for Clay Center. Coach Admin also emphasizes the importance of getting to know his players both on and off the field. He challenges them to have the same winning mindset and to create a contagious atmosphere within the team. The young players joining the team are expected to understand the team's winning mentality and approach to the game. This season, Clay Center has added 5 more varsity games to their schedule and have also included some powerhouse teams to better prepare them for post-season play. The team's league is known to be highly competitive, so Coach Admin doesn't want to count out any team. They have also added some new teams, such as Hays and Buhler, to their schedule and will participate in a tournament in Sabetha. When asked about the impact of the team's mental toughness, Coach Admin explains that it is crucial.