Boomer Elmsdale
Wed, March 20, 2024 at 07:03 AM . California
As the new high school baseball season approaches, the team at Clayton Valley High School has set out some ambitious goals for themselves. I had the opportunity to speak with Coach Jesse Medrano about his expectations and plans for the team this year. When asked about their overall goals for the season, Coach Medrano responded, “We have high expectations for this upcoming season. Our main goal is to win the League championship and make a good run in the NCS playoffs, with the ultimate goal of winning our first Division 1 NCS championship. With the new California playoffs now in place, we also hope to make a strong showing in the State tournament.” But the question remains, what are the keys to success for this team? Coach Medrano explained, “Our keys to success are similar to previous years. The program has a long history of winning, and this has been established through strong defense, pitching, and not giving away at-bats. We also emphasize being selfless and passing the torch to the next player. This has been part of our team's identity for a long time.” It takes more than just individual talent to have a successful team. Team chemistry and camaraderie play a crucial role as well. In order to strengthen these aspects, Coach Medrano and his team take part in various team-building activities. “We have some great senior leadership this year, and they have been instrumental in getting the team together for workouts, whether it's lifting weights, working on footwork, hitting, throwing, or defense. We also try to attend other sporting events on campus or in the community to support our fellow athletes and bond as a team,” Coach Medrano shared. But what qualities does Coach Medrano look for in potential team captains? He emphasized the importance of mental toughness, saying, “Mental toughness is our number one priority. We want our leaders to be able to handle pressure, rally the team, and remain confident in their abilities.” A team's schedule can also greatly impact their success. When asked about their schedule this year, Coach Medrano said, “We have a preseason schedule that will definitely challenge us. As a coach, I always stress to my players that every game is important, regardless of the opponent. Our focus is on playing the game the right way and giving our best effort each time we step on the field.” Balancing academics and sports can be challenging for high school athletes.