Track and field
Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 11:02 AM
As the Compton High School track team gears up for the upcoming season, Coach G Levi is focused on one goal: to be better and stronger than last year. After a rebuilding year, the team is ready to show off their hard work and determination on the track. In an exclusive interview with Coach Levi, we got a sneak peek into what the team has in store for this season. One of the key players to look out for on the team is Jashon Finley. Coach Levi describes him as a highly talented athlete who is also incredibly intelligent. Regardless of the circumstances, Finley always gives his best effort on and off the track. His drive and determination to constantly improve himself are qualities that make him an invaluable member of the team. Another standout athlete on the team is Ruby Valdivia. Coach Levi praises her for her quiet demeanor, but notes that she has made significant changes since last season. Her work ethic and dedication to the sport speak volumes about her character. Valdivia is someone who leads by example and sets a high standard for her teammates. Perhaps the most exciting addition to the team is Laila Williams, an incoming 9th grader. Not only does she bring a high level of intelligence to the team with her impressive 4.6 GPA, but she is also a versatile athlete. Coach Levi sees a lot of potential in Williams and believes she will only continue to get stronger and contribute to the team's success. Lenier Pitts Jr is also a new addition to the team, and Coach Levi is excited about his potential. He describes Pitts as a smart student athlete with a lot of upside. With his determination and hard work, he has the potential to make a significant impact on the team this season. As the team works towards their overarching goal, Coach Levi emphasizes the importance of not just being leaders on the track, but also being future leaders that the team can be proud of. It's not just about winning races, but also about instilling qualities such as discipline, teamwork, and dedication in his players. One of the biggest challenges this season will be getting everyone to buy into the new system and culture that Coach Levi is trying to build. But he is determined to create a team that is not only successful on the track but also a tight-knit unit that supports each other through thick and thin.