National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 12:45 PM
As the lacrosse season kicks off at Crescenta Valley High School, the team's prospects are looking bright. With a strong roster and experienced leaders, the Falcons are aiming for success in their league and a spot in the playoffs. I had the opportunity to talk to Coach Rick Starratt about the team and their goals for the upcoming season. One of the first things Coach Starratt mentioned was the team's captains, Nelson and Quincy Lunt. These brothers have been key players for the Falcons with their strong lacrosse IQ and leadership skills. Their experience and dedication make them natural choices for team captains this year. As seniors, they are ready to lead the team to victory and set a good example for their teammates. But the Lunt brothers are not the only leaders on the team. Starting goalie Matt Kubela also brings valuable maturity and leadership to the team. His skills on the field and his ability to lead by example make him an important player for the Falcons this season. With the Lunt brothers and Matt leading the team, the Falcons have a strong core of leaders to guide them through the season. Aside from their experienced leaders, the Falcons also have up-and-coming talents like freshman goalie Griffin Barnes and sophomore attack Wyatt Stucker. Both players have shown great potential and coach Starratt believes they will make significant contributions to the team. As they gain more experience and adapt to the fast-paced high school lacrosse, these young players are expected to become key players for the Falcons in the years to come. However, the Falcons are facing a challenge this season with the renovations of their main field. With field space being limited, the team has been practicing on the football field and at other off-campus locations. This poses a difficulty for the team as they try to maintain consistency and adapt to different field conditions. But Coach Starratt remains positive, saying that the team is making the best of the situation and using it as an opportunity to work on their adaptability and versatility. Despite these challenges, the Falcons have a tough schedule ahead of them. They will face off against strong opponents, one of them being St Francis, a local powerhouse in the lacrosse scene. The Falcons will have their first game against St Francis and it will be a test of their skills and determination as they go head to head with a formidable opponent. Coach Starratt and the team are looking forward to this game and are determined to make a strong start to the season.