Swim and Dive
National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 14:37 PM
Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences is looking to make a splash in the pool this season with a determined and dedicated team led by Coach Tara Shima. As she puts it, her goal is to help each and every member of the team reach their full potential and have a successful season, which means a lot of hard work both in the pool and in the weight room. With strong returning swimmers such as Miles Blackson-Dunbar and Jake Hirshberg, who is aiming to break the one-minute mark in the 100 breaststroke, along with the addition of newcomer Zach Tower and talented sprinter Kai Pringle, the team is looking to make an impact in relays. On the girls' side, Jamie Jones, who recently signed with Indiana University, is a standout in the club arena and will bring her talent to the high school team. The returning girls, including Rowena Smith, Anastasia Shima-Hernandez, Kerron Jones, and Cali O'Donovan, are also expected to have a strong showing in the post-season. New freshmen also joining the team are expected to make an immediate impact. Zach Tower, a powerhouse in distance events, will contribute to the team's relay success. Ella Troughton and Harper Gabor are also looking like contenders for CIF titles and will add strength to the relay teams. In addition, the team has a new freshman diver, Zoe Shen, who has been training diligently in the water. Coach Tara Shima emphasizes the importance of having role models and team players who show up, get the work done, and motivate others to do the same. The team captains, Cali O'Donovan and Rowena Smith for the girls and Jake Hirshberg, Kai Pringle, and Benjamin Klyce for the boys, embody these qualities and will lead the team both in and out of the pool. Aside from training and competition, the team also values team bonding and community. They have a variety of events planned throughout the season, including a season kickoff party, team study hall, team breakfasts, an overnight invitational, pasta parties, birthday celebrations, and a season-ending party. They also take time out of their regular training to play water polo on certain Fridays. Coach Tara Shima makes it a priority to get to know each swimmer on the team and understand their individual motivations and goals. This allows her to create customized training plans for them and help them achieve their objectives.