Boomer Elmsdale
Tue, February 20, 2024 at 01:02 AM
As the Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences swim team gears up for the upcoming season, Coach Tara Shima has high hopes for her team. With a strong group of returning and new athletes, Coach Shima believes that the team has the potential to make a big splash at this year’s competitions. In an exclusive interview, Coach Shima shares her insights on her goals for the team, key players to look out for, and her coaching style. This year’s overall goal for the team is to help each and every member realize their full potential in the water. Coach Shima emphasizes the importance of hard work, both in the pool and in the weight room, in order to achieve a fantastic taper. A taper is a gradual reduction in training volume and intensity leading up to a big competition, allowing athletes to be at their peak performance. This crucial period is where Coach Shima believes her team can make a significant impact. One of the top returning players from last season is Miles Blackson-Dunbar, who is currently one of the top high school swimmers in the state. His teammate, Jake Hirshberg, has also shown great determination and has set his sights on breaking the one-minute mark in the 100 breaststroke. Along with returning swimmer Kai Pringle and newcomer Zach Tower, these athletes are expected to make waves in relay events. On the girls’ side, Jamie Jones has been making a splash in the club arena and has recently committed to Indiana University. Other returning girls, such as Rowena Smith, Anastasia Shima-Hernandez, Kerron Jones, and Cali O’Donovan, are also expected to contribute to the team’s success in the post-season. Coach Shima is also excited about the new talent on her team this year. Freshman Zach Tower is a standout in distance events, while Ella Troughton and Harper Gabor are expected to make a significant impact on relays and have the potential to qualify for CIF competitions. The team also welcomes diver Zoe Shen, who has been diligently training in the water. When it comes to choosing team captains, Coach Shima looks for role models who foster a positive team environment and encourage their teammates to work hard. Cali O’Donovan and Rowena Smith will lead the girls’ team, while the boys’ team captains are Jake Hirshberg, Kai Pringle, and Benjamin Klyce.