Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 06:02 AM
As the new season approaches, the Desert High School softball team is gearing up for another successful year. In an exclusive interview, we spoke with Coach Donnie Hewes about his expectations for the team and what it takes to be a successful softball program. Coach Hewes has high hopes for his team this year, aiming to win the league championship and make a CIF playoff run. He believes the keys to success lie in working together as a team and minimizing errors on the field. With his experience and dedication, Coach Hewes is determined to lead the team to victory. One player Coach Hewes is focusing on this season is Eden Hewes, a senior and first team all-league player for the past three years. She has consistently been in the running for player of the year and Coach Hewes wants to make her final year at Desert High School one to remember. Additionally, Alayna Phillips, a junior transfer from Missouri, has caught Coach Hewes' eye with her defensive skills and consistency at the plate. When it comes to leadership, Coach Hewes looks for it not only on the field, but also in the classroom. Eden is a returning captain and Coach Hewes believes there are several juniors on the team who are also capable of stepping up and demonstrating their leadership qualities. Building team chemistry is crucial for any successful team, and Coach Hewes stresses the importance of being open, honest, and direct with his players. He sets clear expectations for his team and holds them accountable to those expectations. One expectation that he emphasizes is keeping drama off the field. If any conflicts arise, Coach Hewes asks his players to leave for the day so that they can come back with a fresh start. In terms of player development, Coach Hewes believes in positively reinforcing success in practice and not making a big deal out of mistakes. He emphasizes the importance of player development and how it can be enhanced through repetition and practice. Being a small school, Desert High School faces the challenge of getting players to attend practices during the preseason. Coach Hewes acknowledges that most of his players are also involved in multiple sports such as basketball and soccer. However, this doesn't stop the team from putting in the work to be successful. With a schedule of 20 games, including 14 league games, the team will have some tough competition this year. Coach Hewes highlights schools like Cal City, Boron, Rosamond, Bishop, and Kern Valley as some of the best teams in the league.