National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 13:59 PM
It's an exciting time for the Desert High School softball team as they gear up for the new season. We had the opportunity to speak with Coach Donnie Hewes about the team's goals, key players, and strategies for success. With a strong focus on team unity and hard work, the Scorpions are ready to take on the challenges of the upcoming season. Coach Hewes' top priority this season is to win the league championship and make a CIF playoff run. This is no easy feat, but he believes that with the right mindset and effort, his team can achieve these goals. One of the keys to success, according to Coach Hewes, is working together as a team and keeping errors to a minimum. As with any sport, it's important for every player to do their part and trust in their teammates. Leading the way for the Scorpions this year is senior Eden Hewes. As a first team all-league player for the past three years and a strong contender for player of the year, Eden is a vital part of the team. With this being her senior year, Coach Hewes is determined to make it a special one for her. Junior transfer from Missouri, Alayna Phillips, is another standout player on the team. As an active-duty military family, the Phillips have recently moved to the area, but Alayna has already proven to be a defensive powerhouse and a consistent hitter. In addition to skill, Coach Hewes also looks for leadership on and off the field. Eden is a returning captain, but there are also several juniors who are stepping up and showing their potential for being leaders. This is a trait that Coach Hewes values greatly in his players, both on and off the field. But building a successful team goes beyond just having talented individuals. Team chemistry is equally important, and Coach Hewes makes it a priority to establish a positive and supportive team culture. He believes in being open, honest, and direct with his players, setting clear expectations and holding them accountable for their actions. Drama is not welcome on his team, and any conflicts are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. It's all about creating a positive and unified atmosphere for the girls to excel in. A big part of player development, according to Coach Hewes, is positively reinforcing their success in practice, no matter how small. He also emphasizes not making a big deal out of mistakes, as this can hinder player confidence.