National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 13:34 PM
As the new volleyball season approaches, all eyes are on Eagle Rock High School and their powerhouse team. From their impressive winning streak to their strong returning players and passionate coaching staff, the Eagles are ready to take on the challenge of defending their title. We sat down with Coach Michelle Hancock to get the inside scoop on what to expect from the team this year. First and foremost, the team's main goals are to continue their 14-year streak of winning their local league and to win an Open Division championship. These goals are not new to the Eagles, as they have been chasing them for many years now. However, with each passing season, the determination and drive to achieve them only grows stronger. Coach Hancock explains, "Our players have a goal in mind and they are constantly pushing themselves to be the best version of themselves on the court." One of the biggest reasons why the Eagles are so confident in their abilities is their top returning players. At the forefront is senior Tom Altankhuyag, a dominant force on the court standing at an impressive 6'6". He brings a level of physicality and power that is hard to match, making him a key player for the team. Alongside him is senior Jacob Reyes, considered one of the top liberos in the City Section. His defensive skills and leadership on the court have been a crucial component to the team's success. And let's not forget about junior Caleo Osorio, a rising star in the MB position who is expected to cause some serious problems for the team's opponents this season. However, it's not just these top returning players that make up the team. Coach Hancock makes sure to emphasize the importance of the entire team, stating, "Our team has had great chemistry for the past several years, and we can already see that continuing. The players support each other on the court, when things are going well, and even when it's a little rough. They are quick to apologize to a teammate if they messed up a play, but also compliment each other for a job well done." This strong bond among the players is a crucial element in achieving their goals and securing another successful season. In addition to the returning players, the Eagles also have senior Jaiden Abling as their starting setter. Coach Hancock praises him for his ability to put up high-quality sets from almost anywhere on the court and his strong connection with Altankhuyag.