Boomer Elmsdale
Tue, February 20, 2024 at 04:02 AM
Coach Michelle Hancock The Eagle Rock High School boys' volleyball team is coming into this season with high expectations. As Coach Michelle Hancock has stated, their main goals are to continue their impressive 14-year winning streak in the local league and to win an Open Division championship. With these lofty goals in mind, the team is gearing up for an exciting and challenging season. Leading the team this year are seniors Tom Altankhuyag, Jacob Reyes, and newcomer Jaiden Abling. These three captains have been selected for their leadership qualities and their commitment to being role models both on and off the court. Their experience and skills will be crucial in leading the team to success this season. Altankhuyag, a 6'6" outside hitter, is a dominant force on the court. His height and powerful swings make him a formidable opponent for any team. Reyes, the team's libero, is regarded as one of the top liberos in the City Section. His speed and precision in the back row make him a crucial player in their defensive lineup. Abling, the team's setter, is expected to make an immediate impact. His ability to deliver high-quality sets from anywhere on the court makes him an asset to the team's offense. But it's not just the returning players that are expected to contribute to the team's success. Junior Caleo Osorio, a middle blocker, is also expected to cause some havoc on the court this season. His agile movements and strong hitting make him a versatile player to watch out for. When asked about her strategy for building team chemistry and camaraderie, Coach Hancock praises her team's already strong bond. She emphasizes the importance of players supporting each other both on and off the court, being quick to apologize for mistakes, and complimenting each other for a job well done. This sense of unity and support is crucial in a sport like volleyball, where communication and teamwork are key to winning. Speaking of communication, Coach Hancock stresses its importance in her team's gameplay. Open communication, both on the court and on the sidelines, is encouraged in order to keep everyone connected and in sync. The mental aspect of the game is also not taken lightly by Coach Hancock. She acknowledges that it is often underrated, but it is a huge factor in the team's performance.