California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 17:14 PM
As the upcoming basketball season approaches, the El Diamante High School team is gearing up for an exciting and challenging season. I had the privilege of speaking with Coach Admin Admin about the team’s goals, strengths, and challenges for the 2022 season. His insights have provided a clear picture of what to expect from the team this year. Coach Admin Admin’s overall goals for the team are ambitious, yet achievable with hard work and dedication. He wants the team to completely buy in and trust the process, focusing on improving 1% every day. By the end of the season, the team aims to compete for a league title and have success in the playoffs. With two previous season appearances, the goal is to not just make it to the playoffs, but to win when they get there. To achieve their goals, the team will rely on their key players who have proven themselves on and off the court. The top returning players from last season are Reyna Soto, Nevaeh Creason, Angelina Morales, Olivia Torres, and Mia Olson. What sets these players apart is their relentless work ethic and determination to succeed. Reyna is a go-getter, Nevaeh’s leadership and basketball IQ make her a valuable player, Angelina is a beast on the court, Olivia is a deadly 3-point shooter, and Mia has already made a huge impact this season. These players are special because they didn’t get to play any games in their freshman year due to Covid, but they still showed up every day for practice, rain or shine. Their dedication and commitment to the team and the sport make them stand out. In addition to these talented returning players, Coach Admin Admin has identified new players who will make an immediate impact on the team. Freshmen Faith Villarreal and Olivia Montemayor, Sophomore Kaycee Perryman, and Junior Aaralyn Jenkins are expected to make valuable contributions to the team. Faith and Kaycee will use their stellar defense to help the team, while Olivia and Aaralyn will step up to fill the big man role in the absence of an injured player. With these new additions to the team, coach Admin Admin is confident that the team will continue to thrive. A crucial aspect of any team’s success is the chemistry and camaraderie between the players. For the El Diamante High School team, these elements are fostered through traditions such as team dinners, secret Santa gift exchange, and team outings