National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 11:06 AM
The Eleanor Roosevelt High School boys' volleyball team is coming into this season with a lot of changes and challenges, but also with a strong determination to have a successful rebuilding year. Coach Jeffrey Obi is optimistic about the team's chances, even after graduating a group of starters and league champions from the previous season. In this exclusive interview, Coach Obi talks about the team's key players, goals for the season, and his coaching philosophy. One of the biggest strengths of the team is senior leaders Tyler Williams and John Lopez. Both were starters on last year's team and are expected to bring their experience and leadership skills to the court this season. With their guidance, the team hopes to make it past the first round of CIF and continue their winning tradition. Aside from Williams and Lopez, Coach Obi also has high hopes for juniors Noah Torres and Max Lopez. He believes that these two players have the potential to be the best passers and defenders in the entire league. Their skills and determination will be crucial in helping the team compete against tough opponents. When it comes to selecting players for the team, Coach Obi looks for individuals who possess leadership qualities and a competitive yet calming presence on the court. He believes in fostering a positive team dynamic and encourages bonding through events, community service, and weekly team meetings to discuss their approach to competition. In terms of team goals, Coach Obi believes in setting the bar high and challenging his players to reach their full potential. He constantly reminds them that they set the standard for themselves and for the program. If they want to be mediocre, it will show, but if they want to be great, it will also show. The team is faced with the challenge of balancing gym availability with other sports, as well as gathering fundraising ideas to support the program. However, Coach Obi remains positive and is implementing a very competitive schedule this season. The team will face tough non-league opponents, including Vista Murrieta and Yorba Linda, as well as a strong league rival in Santiago. One change that has been made this season is the focus on raising the team's volleyball IQ instead of just working on individual skills. Coach Obi believes that having a better understanding of the game and strategy will give the team an edge on the court. The mental aspect of the game is also something that Coach Obi emphasizes to his players. He believes that a strong mentality is crucial in overcoming challenges and coming out on top in tough games.