California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 10:57 AM
The Emporia High School softball team is gearing up for an exciting and promising season ahead. With a new coach at the helm, Coach Admin Admin, the team has set ambitious goals and has been working hard to establish themselves as a competitive force in the state. Coach Admin Admin’s philosophy for the team is based on building a strong foundation, establishing routines, and creating a united identity. With this in mind, his ultimate goal is to see the team become a cohesive unit that works together to achieve success. This can only be achieved if there is buy-in from all players and supporters. The team is made up of a mix of both experienced returning players and some new additions that are sure to make an impact. Leading the pack is senior Addison Kirmer, who was an All League Honorable Mention last season. Also returning are sophomore and junior players such as pitcher Alivia Anno, who will provide the team with a solid base to build upon. However, the addition of new players, such as Coach Admin Admin’s daughter, Maedeen McClure, who brings in three years of varsity experience from Liberal, will definitely help the team in their goal of becoming a competitive force in the state. In terms of leadership, Coach Admin Admin looks for qualities such as leading by example, putting in hard work, inclusion of all teammates, and rallying in difficult situations when selecting team captains. He believes that it does not always have to be a senior leading the team, but rather someone who the girls will follow. With a young squad, it is important for all members to take up the challenge and step up as leaders. Building team chemistry and camaraderie is an important aspect for any successful team. Coach Admin Admin ensures that there is plenty of team bonding and competition, with the focus being on creating a united unit rather than individual players. He believes that if one piece falls out of line, the team can crumble and underperform. This is why he emphasizes the importance of working together as one unit. When it comes to motivation, Coach Admin Admin sets goals for the team and encourages players to make mistakes. He believes that learning from mistakes is crucial for growth and development. He also emphasizes being honest with players and letting them know what is expected of them and areas they need to improve. This open communication and support from the coach is essential for pushing players to reach their full potential. The biggest challenge in preparing for the season, according to Coach Admin Admin, is starting over with a