Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 18:43 PM
The Emporia High School softball team is gearing up for another competitive season with a new head coach leading the way. Coach Admin Admin is excited to build upon the foundation of past success and establish an even stronger team this year. I had the opportunity to sit down with Coach Admin to discuss the team's goals, challenges, and strategies for the upcoming season. The overall goal for Emporia High School softball this year is to establish a strong foundation and become a highly competitive team in the state. Coach Admin understands that the first step towards achieving this goal is to get buy-in from the players and supporters of the team. This means ensuring that everyone is on the same page and committed to the team's success. Once this foundation is established, the team can work together to develop routines and create their identity as a cohesive unit. The team this year will have a mix of experienced players and young talents. One of the key returning players is senior Addison Kirmer, who was an All-League Honorable Mention last year. Additionally, the bulk of the team consists of sophomores and juniors, including pitcher Alivia Anno. However, a new addition to the team is Maedeen McClure, a transfer student who brings a wealth of experience as a 3-year varsity player and 2-year starter in the outfield. Coach Admin hopes that McClure's experience and leadership will help ease the transition for the younger players and contribute to the team's success. When it comes to choosing team captains, Coach Admin looks for players who are "all in." These are individuals who lead by example, put in the hard work, include and rally their teammates, and maintain a calm and determined attitude during tough times. While seniority is often a factor in selecting captains, Coach Admin believes that anyone who possesses these leadership qualities can rise to the challenge and inspire their teammates. Team bonding and competition are crucial aspects of the Emporia High School softball program. Coach Admin stresses the importance of not just making these activities competitive, but also creating a strong sense of unity within the team. As Coach Admin points out, if one piece falls out of line, the whole team can suffer. With a strong bond, the team can overcome any challenge and perform to their full potential. Setting goals is another important aspect of the team's overall strategy. Coach Admin encourages players to make mistakes and learn from them. Instead of breaking them down, he prefers to correct and keep the game going.