Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 12:02 PM . Kansas
Emporia High School Softball: Building a Foundation for Success As the spring season approaches, there is excitement brewing at Emporia High School for their softball team. Coach Tom McClure, who is in his first year coaching the Spartans, has high hopes for the team and is eager to establish a strong foundation for future success. In this preview article, we will delve into the team's goals, key players, challenges, and strategies for this upcoming season. Establishing a Strong Foundation For Coach McClure, the first step towards success is getting buy-in from players and supporters. This means creating a team culture that is built on trust, hard work, and a common goal. Once this foundation is established, the team can then focus on developing routines and their identity as a team. With everyone working together as one unit, the Spartans will be better equipped to meet any challenges and achieve their goals. Returning Players and New Additions The Spartans have a mix of experience and youth on their team this year. Senior Addison Kirmer, who received All-League Honorable Mention last season, brings her talent and leadership to the field. The bulk of the team consists of sophomores and juniors, including pitcher Alivia Anno. In addition, Coach McClure's daughter Maedeen McClure, a 3-year varsity player from Liberal and a 2-year starter in the outfield, has transferred to Enporia High and will bring her experience and leadership to the young squad. Qualities of a Captain When it comes to captainship, Coach McClure looks for players who are fully committed to the team. These leaders lead by example, put in hard work, include all teammates, and keep the team united, especially during tough times. And while seniors are typically looked upon to lead the team, Coach McClure believes that anyone who leads by showing determination and staying positive can earn the respect of their teammates. Team Bonding and Competition To bring the team together, Coach McClure emphasizes the importance of team bonding and competition. They participate in various team building activities and drills, not only to strengthen their skills but also to develop a strong unity among players. This unity is crucial, as one weak link can cause the entire team to crumble. By creating a strong bond between players, the Spartans will be better equipped to face any challenges that come their way.