California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 08:31 AM
The Santa Fe High School volleyball team is gearing up for another exciting season with a promising group of returning players. With a strong coaching philosophy centered on mental toughness and the drive to win, Coach Admin Admin is ready to lead her team to success. Let's take a closer look at what we can expect from the team this year. Coach Admin Admin has set high goals for her team this season, and for good reason. With a winning record in the previous season, the team is looking to build upon their success and take it to the next level. Their main goal is to win the Del Rio League and advance to at least the semifinals for the CIF championships. This is an ambitious goal, but Coach Admin Admin and her team are up for the challenge. To achieve these goals, the team will need to focus on their mental toughness and teamwork. Coach Admin Admin believes that mental strength is crucial in the game of volleyball, where every mistake can result in a point for the opposing team. That is why she puts a lot of emphasis on mental training during both practices and team bonding activities. The team's ability to remain mentally strong and bounce back from mistakes will be key to their success this season. The team's top returning players from last season are Kamiya and Elizabeth Beltran, the outside hitters, and Abby, the setter. These three players were instrumental in the team's success last season and are expected to play a crucial role once again. Elizabeth is the team's MVP from last year, and Kamiya was an All-League first team player, making them a formidable duo on the court. Abby's setting abilities will also be crucial in setting up the team's offense. All three players bring a unique skillset and leadership qualities to the team, making them special in their own ways. Strong team chemistry and camaraderie are also essential for the Santa Fe High School volleyball team. With four returning players entering their third year together, the team already has a strong foundation. However, Coach Admin Admin also emphasizes the importance of involving and including every player on the team. This is achieved through team bonding activities and team lunches before game days, where they set goals and strategies for the upcoming match. The team's open communication and support for each other also contribute to their unity and success on the court. When it comes to selecting team captains, Coach Admin Admin looks for players who possess strong leadership skills, are respected by their teammates, and can effectively communicate with her as the coach. This season,