California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 08:41 AM
The Making Waves Academy softball team is entering the new season with a renewed sense of purpose. After a disappointing season last year, Coach Admin Admin has set high goals for the team and is determined to change the way softball is viewed at their school. The team will also be welcoming back some top returning players and have a few new additions who are expected to make an immediate impact. In this preview article, we sat down with Coach Admin to get an inside look at the team and their upcoming season. Coach Admin's main goal for the team this year is to change the perception of softball at Making Waves Academy. He wants to show that the team is capable of competing at a high level and hopes to increase their number of wins from last year. In addition, he wants to instill a sense of commitment and dedication in his players and make them understand that practice doesn't stop at practice. For the team to be successful, they need to continue to work hard and improve even outside of official practices. One of the key factors to the team's success will be the top returning players from last season. According to Coach Admin, the team's undisputed star is Anaiah Carter Wade. Coach Admin raves about her rare talent and has seen her do things on the field that have amazed him. He describes her as having a rocket arm and being a speedy and versatile hitter. However, Coach Admin believes that Anaiah's shyness and lack of self-belief have held her back from reaching her full potential. He is hopeful that with his guidance and support, Anaiah will overcome these barriers and become an even greater player. Additionally, the team will also benefit from the return of Amarais Molina, who was ineligible to play last year due to grades. Coach Admin is excited to have her back, as she impressed him with her natural abilities in her first year of trying out for the team. He believes she will have an immediate impact, especially with her impressive fielding and pitching skills. Another player who is expected to make a splash is Carolina, who didn't play last year but showed her potential during a rainy practice session. Coach Admin was blown away by the sound of the ball hitting her bat and believes she will be a "dark horse sleeper" for the team. When it comes to his coaching style, Coach Admin admits that it has changed from previous seasons. Last year, he focused on building the team's confidence and establishing a positive rapport with them after a season under a "dom