California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 09:02 AM
The Basehor-Linwood High School Softball team is gearing up for another exciting season under the leadership of Coach Admin Admin. With a strong focus on creating a culture of selflessness, mental preparation, and determination, Coach Admin is hoping to guide the team to success in the upcoming season. In this article, we delve into what Coach Admin has in store for the team this season, the key to their success, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Coach Admin’s overall goal for the team this season is to create a cohesive unit that prioritizes team success over individual achievements. He believes that buy-in from every player is crucial in building a team that will do whatever it takes to win. This includes being selfless on and off the field, being engaged in every aspect of the game, and persevering through mental challenges. By emphasizing these qualities, Coach Admin aims to instill a winning mentality in his players and create a strong team bond that will translate into success on the field. One of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming season for Coach Admin is the potential impact of new players on the team. He is hoping that the freshmen and sophomore classes will step up and make immediate contributions to the team. Coach Admin values players who are competitive, tenacious, and play with a sense of freedom and enjoyment. These qualities bring a fresh energy to the team and can often be the difference between a win and a loss. When it comes to choosing team captains, Coach Admin looks for players who possess leadership qualities, regardless of their grade level. He believes that leaders can emerge from any class and values the diversity of perspectives and experiences that each player brings. This creates a more well-rounded and cohesive leadership group, allowing for a balanced approach to decision-making on and off the field. Currently, the team has not selected its captains, but Coach Admin is excited to see who will step up to the role. Mental fortitude and grit are crucial to success on the softball field, according to Coach Admin. He pushes his players to exceed their limits and trains them to believe in themselves even when the odds are against them. This mental strength can often be the deciding factor in high-pressure games and Coach Admin believes it is the key to the team's success. The team’s schedule is packed with tough opponents this season, and according to Coach Admin, there are no teams on their schedule that they can afford to overlook. Each game presents a challenge, and the team must bring their A-game