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Wed, January 24, 2024 at 17:41 PM
What are the biggest strengths of this year's team? Biggest weaknesses? Our biggest strengths are our chemistry, energy, and overall depth. We have a solid group of players who have played together for a few years now and have grown to trust each other on the court. Our energy is contagious and helps us maintain a fast pace on the court. Our depth is also a strength as we have players who can step up when needed, giving us multiple options on offense and defense. One weakness we have identified is our lack of height. We do not have a strong post presence, which can sometimes make it difficult for us to defend against taller teams. However, we make up for it with our quickness and ability to run the floor. How will you overcome those weaknesses and enhance your team's strengths? We will work on improving our defensive positioning and communication to make up for our lack of height. We also focus on playing a fast-paced game, utilizing our speed to create scoring opportunities and tire out our opponents. Our team chemistry and trust in each other will also help us overcome any challenges. What kind of playing style can we expect from the team this season? We will be a fast-paced, high-energy team. We will utilize our speed and quickness to push the ball in transition and look for open shots. On defense, we will apply pressure and look to force turnovers to create scoring opportunities. We also have a versatile group of players, so we will be able to adapt and adjust to different game situations as needed. How does the schedule look like for the team this season? Any tough opponents or exciting matchups? Our schedule is always competitive as we play in a tough league. We also have some non-conference games against strong opponents. Some tough matchups we are looking forward to are against Palo Alto, Los Gatos, and Wilcox. These teams have consistently been top contenders in our league, and we are excited for the challenge. What message do you have for the fans and supporters of Leland basketball this season? We are grateful for the support of our fans and community. We are a hardworking team and will give our all on the court every game. We hope to make our supporters proud and look forward to having them cheer us on this season.