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Wed, January 24, 2024 at 20:14 PM
As the head coach of Lynbrook High School’s basketball team, Lynley Takaki has high hopes for the upcoming season. After a successful run in the previous season, Coach Takaki is determined to lead the team to even greater achievements this year. In an exclusive interview with Coach Takaki, we got a glimpse of her overall goals for the team this season, key to success, top returning players, and new players who are expected to make an immediate impact on the team. Coach Takaki has established her main goal for this season, which is to continuously improve and qualify for Central Coast Section (CCS) playoffs. As a coach, her main focus is on the development and progress of her players. She believes that if the team can trust the process, trust each other, and bring energy to each practice and game, they have a strong chance of achieving their goal. For Coach Takaki, success is not just about winning games, but also about the growth and improvement of the players as individuals and as a team. She understands the importance of building a strong team dynamic and encourages her players to trust and support each other on and off the court. When asked about the key to success for Lynbrook High School’s team, Coach Takaki firmly believes that it lies in the team’s ability to trust the process, trust each other, and bring energy to each practice and game. She emphasizes the importance of trusting the process, which requires the team to be patient and consistent in their efforts towards improvement. By trusting the process, the team will see results and this will in turn build their confidence and motivation. Trusting each other is also crucial as it creates a strong bond among the players and allows them to rely on one another on the court. Lastly, Coach Takaki stresses the importance of bringing energy to each practice and game. Energy is contagious and has the power to elevate the team’s performance both mentally and physically. Lynbrook High School’s team is fortunate to have some key returning players from last season who have played a significant role in the team’s success. These players not only bring experience and leadership to the team, but also possess unique skills that make them stand out. Senior, #5 Maggie Lam, is one of the team’s top returning players and brings versatility to the court. As the team’s tallest player at 5’8”, she often finds herself defending players taller than her, but she never backs down from a challenge. She has been working on improving her