California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 08:25 AM
The team at Rubidoux High School is gearing up for a challenging yet promising season under the leadership of Coach Admin Admin. With a young team that is mostly composed of freshmen and sophomores, the goal this season is to improve their performance from the previous year and make it to the playoffs. Coach Admin acknowledges the fact that the team is young, but is confident in their abilities and potential. The team's strength lies in the fact that they have several players who are siblings of former or current players, showcasing a strong connection to the program. This also bodes well for the future as there are 15 eighth graders who will be joining the team next year. In terms of team dynamics, Coach Admin values qualities such as maturity, responsibility, and leadership when selecting team captains. He understands the importance of having players who have the respect of their peers and can encourage and motivate their teammates. The two seniors on the team have been with the program for four years and possess different leadership styles, providing a balanced approach. As for the coaching style, Coach Admin aims to rebuild and revitalize the program at Rubidoux High School. With a declining number of students, the challenge is to build a strong team with the players that are currently in the school. He also recognizes the importance of having a diverse coaching staff, with different coaching styles and approaches to cater to the needs of each player. Mental toughness is a vital aspect of the game for the team. During the off-season, the team has been working on building the mental aspect of the game, including understanding when and how to make the right move. They also focus on the principle of not giving up and having a positive outlook, both on and off the field. With the team slogan, "Win Every Day," they aim to instill a mindset of continuous improvement and growth in their players. Overall, the team at Rubidoux High School is preparing for an exciting and challenging season. With a young team, they understand the importance of constant improvement and staying mentally tough. With a strong coaching staff and supportive team dynamic, the chances of reaching their goal of making it to the playoffs are high. The future also looks bright with younger players ready to step up and continue the legacy of the program.