California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 11:42 AM
Building a strong team culture and promoting a sense of unity can often be key factors in a successful track and field team, and Coach Admin Admin of F. L. Schlagle High School understands this well. With a focus on developing well-rounded athletes and creating a supportive team environment, this season is sure to be an exciting one for the Schlagle Track & Field team. The overall goals for both the boys and girls teams this year include improving upon previous achievements and expanding the team by attracting more students to the sport. On the girls' side, one main goal is to have strong 4x100 and 4x400 relay teams. For this to happen, Coach Admin highlights the importance of keeping everyone on the team healthy throughout the season. Another key goal is to have a well-rounded team, with athletes excelling in various events such as sprints, jumps, throws, and middle-distance races. This not only helps to strengthen the team as a whole, but it also allows for more opportunities to score points at meets. On the boys' side, the focus is on taking a select few athletes to the state competition. With athletes narrowly missing out on qualifying last year, they are eager to push themselves and make it to the top this year. When asked about the top returning players from last season, Coach Admin mentions a few names that are sure to make an impact for the team this year. On the girls' team, sophomores Caleya Williams and Naomi Taylor are expected to continue their impressive performances from last season. As freshmen, they already showed great improvement in their times for the 100 and 200-meter races, and Coach Admin is excited to see what they can achieve this year. On the boys' team, mid-distance runners Da'Len Grigsby, Joseph Richardson, and Pierson Miller are expected to lead the way. Coach Admin praises their hard work and dedication to pushing themselves during practice, which translates to their performances on the track. All three of them also bring valuable contributions to the relay teams, making them key players for the team's success. In addition to the returning athletes, Coach Admin is also looking forward to seeing what new players can bring to the team. With a significant number of freshmen joining this year, there is a sense of excitement to see their talents and how they can contribute to an already strong team. This influx of new players also presents an opportunity for team growth and the potential for even more success in the future. Team