Boomer Elmsdale
Tue, February 20, 2024 at 12:02 PM
Our team greatly appreciates the support we receive from our fans and supporters. We cannot wait to showcase our hard work and dedication on the field this season. We are going to come out with everything we have and leave it all on the field. We hope to make our school and community proud and bring home some big wins. Stay tuned for an exciting season ahead! The Foothill High School lacrosse team is gearing up for an exciting and challenging season, with high aspirations for success. I had the opportunity to speak with Coach Jon Fox about his goals for the team this year and what fans and supporters can look forward to. First and foremost, Coach Fox's top priority is to help his players become men of empathy and character who will make positive impacts in the world. He aims to achieve this by instilling core values of honesty, loyalty, integrity, and empathy in his players. His ultimate goal is to win the league championship and the Division 1 CIF-SS state championship, but he recognizes that developing his players into well-rounded individuals is just as important. The team is lucky to have top returning players such as Bode Jellerson, Connor Pietras, Dylan Eidsvold, and Zach Chavez. Each of these players brings something special to the team, whether it is Jellerson's character, grit, and passion; Pietras' change of direction skills and clutch shots; Eidsvold's dominance on ground balls and clearing; or Chavez's determination and toughness on the faceoff. In addition to these returning players, Coach Fox is also excited about the potential impact of new players such as Blake Wozniak, Lucas Miles, Jack Mills, Tavin Russell, Hudson Brown, and Carson Fairbanks. With a strong mix of both experienced and new players, the Foothill High School lacrosse team is poised for a successful season. When it comes to team captains, Coach Fox looks for players who possess honesty, loyalty, integrity, and empathy, along with a commitment to preparation. Bode Jellerson has been named captain for this season, with other players like Landon Mokhtari, Jackson Bennett, Gavin Solomon, Connor Pietras, Luke Sewell, and Blake Wozniak in the running for the role. Team chemistry and camaraderie are essential for success on the field, and Coach Fox has a plan in place to foster these relationships.