Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 10:02 AM
As spring approaches, the anticipation for high school lacrosse season is quickly building. One team that has consistently made a name for themselves is Foothill High School Santa Ana in California. With a strong emphasis on character development and a solid goal of winning the League and Division 1 CIF-SS state championship, the Foothill Knights are certainly a team to look out for this year. We were lucky enough to get a preview of the upcoming season from the head coach himself, Coach Jon Fox. Coach Fox has a clear set of goals for his team this season, but his main focus goes beyond just winning games. He states, “Our ultimate goal is not just about winning games, it’s about helping these boys become men of empathy and character that will change the world for good.” This emphasis on character development is what sets the Foothill Knights apart from many other teams. Coach Fox believes that instilling values like honesty, loyalty, and integrity in his players will not only make them better athletes, but also better individuals in the long run. Of course, winning games is also important to the Foothill Knights. They have set their sights on winning the League and Division 1 CIF-SS state championship this year. To achieve this goal, Coach Fox stresses the importance of efficiency in all phases of the game and maintaining a team-first mentality. He believes that a cohesive and selfless team is key to success in any sport. Looking at the Foothill Knights’ roster, it’s clear that they have a strong group of players who embody the team’s values and have the necessary skills to lead the team to victory. A standout player to watch this season is Bode Jellerson, a returning captain and four-year midfield starter. Coach Fox describes Jellerson as a player with “special traits” such as character, grit, passion, selflessness, and toughness. Another key player to watch out for is Connor Pietras, a skilled attack player with “special traits” such as change of direction skills and the ability to hit big shots at crucial times. Additionally, Dylan Eidsvold, who excels as an LSM with his dominance between the box in terms of ground balls and clearing, and Zach Chavez, known for his hard-nosed and never-give-up attitude as a face-off player, will also play important roles on the team this season. However, it’s not just the returning players who will make an impact this year.