National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 15:11 PM
The Fremont High School volleyball team is gearing up for another successful season, with their sights set on winning their division. Coach Russell Davis, who has been with the team for several years, is confident that his team has what it takes to be competitive in every match and achieve their ultimate goal. Last year was a strong one for the team, with players like Devon Becker ranking third in the league for kills and Cesar Davila emerging as a force as middle blocker. This year, the team will see the return of key players like Becker and Davila, as well as the addition of new talents such as Eli Geddes, who will be moved from middle blocker to outside hitter and is expected to compete with Becker for the kill leader spot on the team and in the league. One player who will have a significant impact this year is setter Nicolas Salenga. According to Coach Davis, Salenga will be a true leader on the team and will play a crucial role in the team’s success. The coach also mentioned that many new players have joined the team this year and he is excited to see who will step up and take charge. When it comes to leadership, Coach Davis looks for players who lead by example both on and off the court. He believes that it is not just about performance in games, but also in practice. That is why he has the team vote for their two captains, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and mutual respect among the players. Hard work is a core value for the team, as Coach Davis believes that if every player gives their all in every match, it will lead to a strong sense of camaraderie within the team. He often reminds his players that “practice makes permanent”, meaning that the effort put in during practice will reflect in their performance during games. Before each game, Coach Davis asks his players to give their best on every point and to stay focused on their own game, regardless of who the opponent may be. After the game, his main question is always “did you play your hardest and leave it all on the court?” The team faced a tough decision this year when it came to making cuts, as they had a large number of students trying out for both varsity and JV teams. But this influx of new talent has only fueled the team’s determination to succeed and compete at their best.