California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 09:56 AM
The Girard High School track and field team is gearing up for another exciting season under the leadership of Coach Admin Admin. After missing out on the 2021 season due to the pandemic, the team is eager to make their mark this year and achieve their goals. In this exclusive interview, Coach Admin Admin shares his insights on the team's strengths, challenges, and strategies for success this season. Goals and Key to Success: The overall goals for the team this season remain consistent with previous years – to win their league meet and send as many athletes as possible to the state meet. According to Coach Admin Admin, the key to success lies in their hard work and competition mentality. He believes that the team's ability to push themselves and strive for excellence will be crucial in achieving these goals. Top Returning and Impact Players: The team boasts an impressive lineup of returning state qualifiers from last year. The girls' team has Ainsley Norton, Aiden Sisney, Zoee Montgomery, Claire Stevens, Jeremiah Adolph, and Maggie Niggeman. On the boys' side, there's Corbin Owen, Drake Kotzman, Houston McGown, Seth Wilson, Mason Adolph, and Gabe Onelio, all with state meet experience. Additionally, the team has gained two transfer students, Natasha Onelio and Gabe Onelio, from Arkansas City, who are expected to make an immediate impact on the distance squads. As for freshmen, Coach Admin Admin believes it's too early to predict who will stand out, but he's excited to see their potential. Team Captains: When asked about team captains, Coach Admin Admin explains that the title is not assigned to any individual this early in the season. He looks for experience, selflessness, and leadership abilities before selecting team captains. These qualities are integral to building a cohesive and successful team. Team Chemistry and Motivation: Coach Admin Admin and his staff don't have any special methods to build team chemistry and camaraderie. They focus on working hard and competing fiercely, and the chemistry develops naturally. Regarding motivation, Coach Admin Admin says that great athletes have an innate drive to be their best. He believes that coaches can provide guidance and support, but ultimately, the players' determination and motivation drive them to reach their full potential. Challenges and Preparation: Fortunately, the team hasn't faced many challenges in preparing for this season so far. Coach Admin Admin hopes it stays this way, as he states that he misses the